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I'll Make You A Priest, Sinead - Bishop Pat Vow to Star.

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January 19th 1999

Rebel Bishop Pat Buckley has offered to make Sinead O'Connor's dearest wish come true. He is prepared to help the singer become a priest - despite the Vatican's ban on women. Bishop Pat said: "I would like to meet with Sinead and discuss her wishes. If she still wants to be a priest and is of appropriate disposition, then I would be prepared to have her study for the priesthood with a view to eventually ordaining her. Sinead has always impressed me. She has been a troubled and a tortured soul, but she also has a great spiritual element to her life. I also like the fact that she is a liberal thinker with courage, qualities which have been displayed by her on a number of occasions, such as when she tore up the photo of the Pope during a concert in New York."

"Sinead challenges things, and that is precisely the kind of person we need in the Church."

The 32 year old star spoke of her ambition on a recent edition of Gay Byrne's Late, Late Show in Dublin. She said: "I would like to be a priest, but a woman is not allowed to be one." Sinead added that it was something she dreamed of even when she was younger. "I wanted to do something for myself," she explained. "Something I considered to be in religious service. Yet I didn't want to do what most women with a calling did - become a nun."

Sinead married John Reynolds in 1989. The pair who had a son Jake, later separated. She had a child by Dublin journalist John Waters. Any move by Bishop Pat to ordain her as a priest - to be known as Mother Sinead - is sure to spark fury in Rome.

The News Of The World [Irish NOTW] columnist [Bishop Pat] outraged the Catholic Church last autumn when he defied the Pope and ordained Ireland's firt woman priest. Mother Frances Meigh assists him in churches at Larne, Co Antrim and Omeath, Co Louth. The Vatican is thought to be probing Bishop Pat and his activities. And some Irish Catholics want the Curch at its highest level to issue a statement disowning him.

Last September, the then Father Pat was ordained a bishop by rebel Tridentine bishop, Michael Cox. The Catholic Church in Ireland then officially declared that Bishop Pat had excommunicated himself for taking part in the ceremony.

Seperate article... Hymn To Sinead.

Bishop Pat Buckley is offering to help Sinead O'Connor realise her ambition to become a priest. Aparently the rock star has always dreamed of donning a dog collar.

Bishop Pat does insist that candidates for the priesthood in his breakaway organisation should meet the most exacting standards of holiness and integrity. If Sinead passes that hurdle and does become Mother Sinead, no doubt a new tune could enter the hymn books.