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Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 22:06:14 +0100 (BST)
From: Rory Connor
Subject: Frank McCourt and "Angela's Ashes"
To: Jesuit “America Magazine”
CC: Letters Irish Voice

America Magazine

cc Tom Deignan
     Irish Voice

Dear Father,

I sent you an e mail recently about your review of Mary Raftery's book "Suffer The Little Children". I pointed out that it contains libels comparable to those of the anti-Semite Julius Streicher against the Jews. These include blood libels i.e. false allegations of killing Christian children (Mary Raftery makes those allegations against the Christian Brothers). Your reviewer Tom Deignan, actually seems to be aware of the libels since he quotes the journalist Breda O'Brien  who exposed them. Yet he went on to give a favourable review to the book!

Your reviewer also referred favourably to Frank McCourt's book "Angela's Ashes" which contains similar libels which are lifted directly from Streicher's ravings about the Jews. I am attaching the details in a separate e mail but in summary:

If America Magazine praised  books which demonise Protestants or Jews, this would be evil but at least it would be a "normal" type of evil. (People normally demonise their enemies). To praise lies published by anti-Catholic thugs is incredible. It reminds me of the career of the "Red Dean" of Canterbury Hewlett Johnson  whose fervent denunciations of Bourgeois Democracy were matched only by the fervour of his devotion to Comrade Stalin. Johnson was too decadent to rise to the level of evil. He had no Catholic counterparts at that time. Are they beginning to make their appearance now?

There are plenty of people in Limerick who know that Frank McCourt is lying but they are bemused and sometimes discouraged by his international reputation. The same applies to Mary Raftery and her thuggish lies. Since "America" has done its bit to create those reputations, maybe you could now do something about questioning them. Staying silent is neither compassionate nor Christian. Silence now puts you on the side of the liars.


Rory Connor

***  Note 4/11/05. I recently saw an article by a local Limerick historian which said that the McCourt family never lived with Gerald Laman Griffin.