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Bishop Attended Parties Thrown by Paedophile Priest Says Abuse Victim

[ A truly remarkable tale - published just after the publication of the Murphy Report on the Dublin Archdiocese. See the second last paragraph in particular. ]

NOTORIOUS: Defrocked Carney is named in Murphy report

Evening Herald, December 04 2009 by Charlie Mallon


A LEADING Irish bishop enjoyed Sunday afternoon parties at the home of a notorious paedophile priest -- with abused children as guests.

Bishop James Kavanagh joined in parties at the home of sex abuser priest Fr Bill Carney while children abused by Carney were there as his weekend "guests".

The astonishing claim was made today by one of defrocked Carney's victims, who bore him a child at the age of 22, having been abused by him from the age of 10.

The Herald has also learned that paedophile priest Carney is now a grandad.

His daughter, now aged 33, gave birth to a son, two years ago.

But beast Carney -- who once explored the idea of fostering children -- does not know of his grandson, having left Dublin in a hurry after his latest address was revealed some years ago.

He has been reported as living in Scotland but his victim claims he is now in Birmingham.

The paedophile is described as "crude and loutish" by the Murphy report and is one of those at the centre of the Dublin dioceses abuse scandal.

He was held in high esteem in north Dublin before his abuse was known about, and was a member of Royal Dublin Golf Club, playing regular four-balls there while a priest in the parish of Ayrfield in Coolock.


But his other pastime was child abuse and he regularly brought two young girls, this victim and one of the other children from the Grange Children's Home in Dun Laoghaire to his house.

"There was always two of us, me and some other girl. He was allowed to take us to his house for the weekends," said the victim.

They stayed Friday and Saturday nights returning to the home on Sunday.

She recalled they were taken swimming at St Paul's pool in Raheny under Carney's "parental" care.

"I remember Bishop Kavanagh being in Ayrfield. They would have parties on a Sunday with plenty of drinks."

One of two other priests regularly with Carney at the time was Fr Frank McCarthy who is also named in the Murphy report. The other curate, also in the report, cannot be named at present for legal reasons.

The victim remained in care in Drumcondra and the Grange, Dun Laoghaire, until she was 16 but she could not escape Carney.

While living in a flat in Ballymun her second child, a boy, died. She turned to Carney to get him write letters to the council supporting her case for a flat transfer.

"At that time he was in Clogher Road and I went there for his help. He raped me and my daughter was born. When she was about eight or nine months, I think it was 1985, I confronted him.


"Now I read in the Murphy report that he said he had the whole thing sorted out and 'there would be no scandal for the Church'."

A year after Carney's daughter was born she married a man over 20 years older than her in a British registry office.

When she took her case to the Church and Clonliffe House she claims she was stonewalled for years.

Her new husband helped her fight the injustice of the Church and even held a press conference threatening to travel to the Vatican to expose the abuse. However, he was later exposed himself as a paedophile and jailed. [My Italics]

The Catholic Church eventually made her an out-of-court settlement.