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Bishop Comiskey Threatened To Rape Me

Added to on October 29, 2005


Irish Independent, Saturday October 29th 2005

DISGRACED Bishop Dr Brendan Comiskey threatened to rape an Irish Independent journalist.

The menacing threat was made in the former Bishop of Ferns' house in Wexford during an interview with Justine McCarthy.
During the run-up to the divorce referendum he said he would rape her if she wrote about him in a certain way.

He was "extremely drunk" at the time of the pre-arranged interview which took place 11 years ago.

At the time of his chilling warning he recalled how another journalist had questioned him and had written about his house and his clothes.

He then turned to Ms McCarthy and warned: "If you write that I will come up to Dublin and I will rape you."

In the days after the interview Bishop Comiskey repeatedly phoned her in an intoxicated state.

The Bishop has been practically invisible in recent years. He issued a statement when the explosive Ferns report was published.