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Roving "Survivor" Advisor!

Added to on August 21, 2008



Regarding Mick Waters "lengthy and emotional meetings" with Jersey "survivors", I would urge anyone interested to check out the website where they will find plenty of lengthy and emotional articles by Mr. Waters and his friends on the subject of child abuse in Ireland. It is impossible to give a summary of the site contents but a visit will prove to be an enlightening experience.

Abuse victims 'fear curb on police'

Jersey Evening Post, 19 August 2008 by Elaine Byrne  

IT has been claimed that victims of Haut de la Garenne are afraid that the Island's authorities will prevent the police from investigating historical child abuse properly.  

After lengthy and emotional meetings with the survivors of children's homes in the Island, Mick Waters, the founder and chairman of Survivors of Child Abuse, has said that many of the alleged victims 'fear authority' and want an opportunity to tell their stories.  

Mr Waters (64), pictured, a survivor of the notorious Artane Industrial Boys School in Ireland, who claims to have suffered mistreatment and abuse at the hands of the Christian Brothers, is also urging the people of Jersey to offer support and to listen to the sufferers. And he believes that a public apology is needed to help Jersey address its child abuse scandal.


ALSO from Jersey Evening Post - Review of the Year, August 2008

JERSEY’S highest profile police officer, deputy police chief Lenny Harper, retired from the force after serving six years in Jersey. Mr Harper, who led the Haut de la Garenne investigation, became a well-known face on national news channels from February, when the investigation became a story of national and international interest. The new deputy police chief, David Warcup, promised to maintain the momentum of the investigation, the day-to-day running of which was taken over by Det supt Mick Gradwell, who was appointed as the senior investigating officer. Meanwhile, Mick Waters, the founder and chairman of Survivors of Child Abuse, said that many of the alleged victims feared authority and wanted an opportunity to tell their stories. Also, British MP John Hemming urged all UK councils to check whether any children were ‘dumped and forgotten about’ in any care homes in Jersey, after reports that five children were illegally placed in care in the Island by Birmingham social services, who then allegedly lost track of them.