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Added to on October 5, 2005

“Life for the nun who raped a child”, Irish Independent, 24 July 1999 (Extract)
Welcoming the imposition of a maximum sentence, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre director Olive Braiden said it would ensure Nora Wall would be monitored for the rest of her life to prevent any recurrence.

Richard Greene, 20 January 2000
On Friday's "Today at 5" on RTE, Ms. Olive Braiden of the Rape Crisis Centre was given the opportunity of welcoming a landmark case in the North of a man convicted of raping his wife. There was little discussion on alternatives to this approach to the problem, or on the implications of the case.

It is interesting that Ms. Braiden should be returning to the spotlight after such a long absence. During that time we have had one of the most serious miscarriages of justice in the history of the State ie the Nora Wall/Paul McCabe case. It was a case based on a false accusation of rape.

Ms. Braiden, following the Cyprus case **, told RTE's Gerry Ryan that she had not had experience of false claims of rape, and that no one would make a false accusation of rape to her, because there would be nothing in it for them.

It seems extraordinary then that having regard to her high profile position on this subject, that she had not made herself available during or after the Nora Wall case, or that the media had not commented on her absence.

Her continuing failure to demand the truth in this horrendous case, does nothing for the genuine victims of sexual assault.

NOTE: "Cyprus case" - an Irishwoman on holidays in Cyprus was sentenced to three months in jail for making a false rape allegation against a male fellow tourist. Olive Braiden felt that the sentence was too long!