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Nora Wall Gives TV Interview

The Sunday Tribune, 9 January 2000

NORA WALL the former nun, who was wrongly convicted of rape, has said she does not bear a grudge against the young woman who brought the case against her.

In an interview with RTE' s Would You Believe programme, to be broadcast next week, Wall said she does not believe she will be able to work again following her ordeal.

"What employer wants a person who over the past three years has signed on twice a day in a garda station, had 32 court appearances, a six-day trial in the criminal court and four days of a life sentence in the Joy, " she said.

She added she always thought her case would come right in the end"but describes the confusion she felt when initially arrested in October 1996.According to Wall, when she first heard the reason for her arrest, she said she could "never think like that, never mind do something like that. I was confused. My hands were numb and my feet were cold.I didn't know what to think" Speaking in public for the first time since her release she also thanks the governor and staff of Mountjoy Prison who she says were "extremely helpful and protective" Wall received a life sentence last June when she was found guilty of the rape of a 10-yearold girl in 1987-88.Her conviction was quashed in July.

January 9, 2000