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RECRUITING FOR THE C.I.D ? [re the Death of Patsy Flanagan]

Added to on May 21, 2005

Patrick Malone to Florence
hello let us get down to the hard fact's !
now can you tell me if you stand by this statement made by Br.M.Reynolds.

QUOTE=YOU Br. M. Reynolds STATE.. The facts, in summary form, are as follows: a boy who was sliding down the banister of the stairs slipped and fell to the ground about 14 feet below. He had external injuries to his mouth and jaw and was taken to the school infirmary. One hour later he was removed to the Mater Hospital, where he died under anaesthetic the following day. The external injuries, as described in the coroner's report, consisted of ``a lacerated wound'' on the lower lip, ``superficial skin lacerations and bruises on the lower jaw in the region of the chin'' and four broken teeth. The matter was reported to the authorities at the time, and an inquest was held. Sworn evidence was taken from eyewitnesses, doctors and a garda sergeant. The Coroner's verdict was that the boy had died of ``cardiac and respiratory failure, secondary to acute congestion of the lungs following the injuries accelerated by general anaesthesia and probably predisposed to by the presence of an enlarged thymus gland''. The garda, in his evidence to the inquest, stated that ``there is no suspicion of foul play''. The Coroner stated that the Brothers had exercised adequate supervision. The truth is that no boy was thrown over the banister. Br. M. Reynolds, Christian Brother's Provinciate, Dublin 7....====

and as you have now found your lost post of Br.M.Reynolds you now have the choice to prove it as fact.there is a lot of people waiting for your reply f.h.h......prove it flo one way or the other..........Patrick

Florence to Patrick Malone

Jesus wept Patrick !,you remind me of a pony I used to have who never learned to listen to signals. As a result he crashed into every jump he ever attempted, and even tho he was very good intentioned - we ended up having to put him out to grass as he caused more harm than he was worth.

Now pay attention because I'm only going to say this once.

Brother Murray's account stays up on our site.

Patsy Flannigan's brother has never heard of you. His family have no issue with the coroner's report and if his family did have a problem, they would handle it themselves.

You're hurting people who neither have nor want anything to do with the hysteria you try to feed into.

Tell you what tho, I've a brill. Idea. why don't you and the rest of the U.D gang grab a few shovels and head down to Letterfrack or Artane . The poor Gardai seem to be having an awful problem finding the "hundreds of bodies" that Mannix Flynn, Kevin Sharkey, John Prior, John Kelly etc allege were hidden and buried by the Christian Brothers all over the place. All of you seem to display detecting skills of an incomparable level and nature. I 'm sure the C.I.D could use the knowledge you have. I bet after the first hundred or so you'll feel vindicated .

It's a bit of a pain, but unfortunately dead bodies (or even missing ones would do I suppose) are required to make murder allegations stick.

Take care.F.H.H

F.H.H = Florence Horsman Hogan

UD = "Ultimate Disposal" or the website operated by some members of SOCA (Survivors of Child Abuse) UK