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Statement from the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity.[re Kathy O'Beirne]

Issued 19 September 2006

On the 21st April 2005 our solicitors wrote to Mr Michael Sheridan based on articles he had written linking Kathy O'Beirne to our laundries and Magdalene Homes. A copy of this letter was also sent to Mainstream Publishers because we had seen some advanced publicity for Kathy's book.

In the letter it was categorically stated that the only time Kathy O'Beirne spent with us was for a six-week period in a reformatory school for young people. We received a curt response to this letter from Mr. Bill Campbell of Mainstream dated 11th May 2005.

We also wish to point out again that after allegations by Kathy O'Beirne in 2005 all four religious congregations who ran laundries confirmed to the Irish Independent that Kathy O'Beirne never spent time in a laundry or Magdalen Home.


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