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PAYNE REFUSES TO SIGN SEX REGISTER; Pervert goes berserk on release from prison.

The Mirror (London, England) 29 October 2002, by Caoimhe Young

PERVERT priest Ivan Payne went berserk and began bawling at prison staff when he was asked to sign the Sex Offenders Register just before he was released at the weekend.

Documents given to him to sign stated he must present himself at his nearest Garda station within seven days of his release, but the 59-year-old sicko s refused to even look at them.

Payne, who cost the Dublin archdiocese EUR . 400,000 in compensation to eight of his victims, served four years of a six-year sentence at the Curragh . It was reduced for good behaviour.

A prison source said: "Payne is extremely arrogant. He wouldn't put his name to the usual paperwork to say he would sign on at a local station and would tell gardai if he changes address.

"It is standard procedure for a sex offender but Payne threw a complete wobbler and started shouting at the staff."

But officers were unconcerned with his refusal to sign as gardai already know his new address in Co Kildare.

The source added: "He knows there has been a fuss in the media about his release.

"He's going to lie low for a while and then stay with a relative in Celbridge.

"But the gardai and the prison service will be keeping tabs on him for a very long time.

"They will ensure he signs the register, he won't be given an inch."

Known as Ivan the Terrible Payne was sentenced in 1998 for a litany of sexual abuse.

He is now ready to move into a house near St Wolstan's Girls School in Celbridge, where 700 pupils aged 12 to 17 study.

The source added: "The gardai won't let him out of their sight.

"But that won't bother Payne all that much, he's a very arrogant man and he thinks he can outwit everyone.

"He thought he was better and more intelligent than any of the other prisoners in the Curragh.

"And he had no problem letting you know he thought he was above you."

Payne refused to take up the offer of a sex offenders treatment programme in jail.

The source said: "He just wasn't interested. He was told that it would help him realise the suffering he had caused his victims but he said he didn't care.

"The course can take up to a year but Payne had no intentions of doing it.

"He spent his days using the computers whenever he could. He naturally didn't have access to the internet but he was a real whiz on all the programmes the prison allows inmates to use."

Payne preyed on boys for years dating back to the 1960s.

He was sentenced to six years at the Circuit Criminal Court in 1998 after he admitted 13 sample charges of sex abuse.

During his time in jail top clergymen and nuns paid him regular visits.

Payne's victims included altar boys in Dublin parishes and youngsters in the city's Crumlin Children's Hospital where he was chaplain.