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Michael Fitzpatrick

In February 1996 RTE broadcast Louis Lentin's TV documentary "Dear Daughter", concerning allegations of physical and sexual anuse in Goldenbridge residential school which had been run by the Sisters of Mercy. Within a year of the broadcast - and an apology by the Sisters of Mercy - Ireland experienced a series of fake child abuse scandals. In the course of the year the following were accused:

Nora Wall (formerly Sister Dominic of the Sisters of Mercy) and Paul (Pablo) McCabe
Michael Fitzpatrick
Michael Feichin Hannon
Patsy McGlinchey

(These are of course only the allegations that were subsequently exposed as fraudulent.)

This section is about Michael Fitzpatrick who was accused by Patricia Phelan who was the "witness" in the Nora Wall case. After Nora Wall was convicted in June 1999 her two accusers gave an interview to the Irish Star which published their names for the first time. Michael Fitzpatrick read the article, recognise Phelan's name and contacted Nora Wall's family. (It quickly emmerged that both accusers had made a number of previous allegations of child abuse against several different people). His testimony was vital in establishing Nora Wall's innocence.

A Case of Guilty Until Proven Innocent - Patsy McGlinchey and Michael Fitzpatrick (Alliance Support Website)

A Case of Guilty Until Proven Innocent - Sunday Independent 4 Feb 2004