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Hermann Kelly and Kathy O'Beirne

Hermann Kelly

Hermann Kelly is a writer and a former editor of The Irish Catholic. In 2007 he published "Kathy's Real Story" about Kathy O'Beirne, the author of "Kathy's Story", a book published in 2005 that depicts her alleged experiences in two Magdalene Laundries where she was abused, raped etc. The four congregations of nuns who ran those institutions have stated that Ms. O'Beirne was never in ANY Magdalene institution - and this has been confirmed by her own brothers and sisters.

In July 2009 the publisher Hodder Headline decided against going ahead with publishing Always Dancing, a sequel to Kathy’s Story, after “failing to resolve legal issues” with the author. The publisher said that it had initially pushed the publication date back to 2012 to allow time to resolve matters with O’Beirne, but had now decided against publishing the memoir at all. Hodder Headline had been contacted by O'Beirne's family as well as by Hermann Kelly and Florence Horsman Hogan.


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