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Patsy McGlinchey

In February 1996 RTE broadcast Louis Lentin's TV documentary "Dear Daughter", concerning allegations of physical and sexual anuse in Goldenbridge residential school which had been run by the Sisters of Mercy. Within a year of the broadcast - and an apology by the Sisters of Mercy - Ireland experienced a series of fake child abuse scandals. In the course of the year the following were accused:

Nora Wall (formerly Sister Dominic of the Sisters of Mercy) and Paul (Pablo) McCabe
Michael Fitzpatrick
Michael Feichin Hannon
Patsy McGlinchey

(These are of course only the allegations that were subsequently exposed as fraudulent.)

Patrick McGlinchey was teaching in a school for mentally handicapped children when one mother accused him of child abuse in March 1997. There was an immediate outbreak of hysteria and practically every male teacher in the school was accused. One pupil accused 17 teachers, another accused 31 and McGlinchey himself was accused by 45 pupils. His solicitor was also accused of child abuse and both were assaulted by "outraged" parents. Mr. McGlinchey was acquitted in November 2002 but still not allowed to teach. He successfully brought a case to the High Court in May 2009 which obliged the school's Board of Management to hold an investigation with a view to allowing him to resume teaching at the school. The inquiry commenced in December 2009 but quickly broke down and the case resumed in the High Court in April 2010.

38 people made CIVIL claims against Mr. McGlinchey. About half were dismissed in 2000, several more after his acquittal in 2002 and the final ones were struck out by the High Court in January 2010. During the entire period of his ordeal, Bishop Willlie Walsh who is patron of the school and a great suppporter of "victims" of child abuse has said nothing. Presumably Mr. McGlinchey does not qualify as a "victim" in the Bishop's eyes!

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