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Gerry Kelly

Gerry Kelly

Gerry Kelly founded the victims group "Alliance for Healing of Institutional Abuse" in 1999. (It is currently called "Alliance Support" but is no longer associated with Gerry Kelly). Following the conviction of Nora Wall for rape in June 1999, Gerry Kelly attempted to get a "close family friend" of his to make ANOTHER rape allegation against the former Sister of Mercy. This attempt come to a sudden end after the collapse of the case against Nora Wall. 

Moreover on Louis Lentin's TV documentary "Our Boy's", (first broadcast in October 1999) Gerry Kelly claimed that, while he was at Artane, he had attended the funerals of boys who had been beaten to death by the Christian Brothers. No boy died of any cause while Gerry Kelly was at Artane!

At a meeting of the Conference of Bishops in Maynooth in 2002 the Irish Times describes how Mr. Kelly harassed and jostled a number of bishops including the Papal Nuncio and Bishop Martin Drennan until "finally, the Bishop of Killaloe, Willie Walsh, came over for a sympathetic word and Mr Kelly wept."

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