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John Kelly - SOCA Ireland

John Kelly

John Kelly is head of the victims' group Irish SOCA (Survivors of Child Abuse). On several occassions he has stated that there were deaths of children in suspicious circumstances in Irish Industrial Schools. On Sunday 24 November 2002 Mr. Kelly and SOCA Ireland held a demonstration out side the pro-Cathedral in Dublin after Mass and handed out leaflets to Mass goers - including myself - as we left the Church. I spoke to Mr Kelly on the steps of the Pro-Cathedral. In front of newspapers and TV cameras he told me that there were mass graves in Artane and other institutions run by the Christian Brothers.

A leading member of SOCA Ireland, Maurice 'Bo Bo' Ward was murdered in April 2002. In September 2003 a member of SOCA Ireland assaulted a senior civil servant in Department of Education who had been involved in the negotiations with the Religious Orders regarding their voluntary contribution to the Redress Scheme.

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