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£20,000 Payout for Woman who Accused her Father of Rape after 'Recovered Memory' Therapy - 19 Oct 07

Unashamed Lynch Law Simmers on a Rundown Estate, The Independent (UK) 9 August 2000,

Salem Comes to Portsmouth, The Observer - 13 August 2000

Family Torn Apart After Vigilante Attack on Home, The Independent (UK) - 16 August 2000

Paediatrician Attacks 'Ignorant' Vandals who Believed Her to be Paedophile - BBC News 30 August 2000

Letter in "Butteflies and Wheels" re "Liberal" Self-Abasement before Islam, Rory Connor - June 2008

Witches in Ireland, the UK and Nigeria - 9 March 2009

New Teachers 'Can't Deal With Classroom Violence' - February 6 2010


The Killing of Geoffrey Harries

Murdered "Child Porn" Policeman: Police Install CCTV At Mother's Home - 13 June 2008

Man Found Guilty Of Porn-Charge Suspect's Manslaughter (Wales) - 2 March 2009

Patrick Raggett - Recovered Memory and Suing for "Compensation"

Patrick Ragget and the Case of Lotto Rapist Iorworth Hoare (Compensation) - 8 July 2008

Patrick Raggett - £5m Claim Over 'Sex Abuse By Priest' - 24 March 2009

Patrick Raggett, The Jesuits and Recovered Memory - May 2009

Patrick Raggett - Sex Abuse Claim for £5m against Catholic Order Faces Court challenge - July 2010

Patrick Raggett and Chris Saltrese Solicitors - Historic civil claims: "a folly converted to madness"


"Child Killing" in Jersey (and the Irish Experience)

"Child Killing" in Jersey according to the Irish Times (and Mick Waters) - 1st March 2008

Flat Earth News and the Jersey Child Abuse Scandal (Part 1), Richard Webster - 19 April 2008

Mick Waters of SOCA UK and Jersey Abuse, Allliance Support Website - 21 August 2008

Bungled Jersey Child Abuse Probe Branded a '£20million Shambles - 4th October 2009